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Welcome to the amo ergo sum blog. Amo ergo sum is instrumental music inspired by nature and the unconditional love. It's been a couple of years since I recorded my last stuff. Back in 2014 I played in a reggae band and after we broke up I took a little music-making-break. But the things I did like traveling and hiking inspired me a lot. So many wonderful things have happend that changed my life in so many beautiful ways. I found my way of translating wonderful moments to music I just love. Not with words just with music. This is why I quit singing and started making instrumental music just as it comes without any hurry. It such a relief to finally make music in a way that is my own way. Last year I moved to a new place with enough space for building a home studio. But building it will still take a lot of time so I took another room and built up my temporary studio. And here we are. In my new studio and the recording session for my first EP has already started. I am looking forward to present you my music. In the meantime you are all invited to listen to my first Demos back in my old studio. Thank you for taking the time.

Love - amo ergo sum

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Temporary amo ergo sum - Studio

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