amo ergo sum - I love, therefore I am

After playing in several bands of all different genres from Metal to Reggae over Alternative Rock and Folk, I realized that non of the fitted to me. So I quit playing in bands and went on a journey to find my own musical identity. The result is a mix of all my musical and personal influences and therefore a personal and spiritual progress going on and on. It's the kind of music that is simply coming out of me. Simply my way of telling stories and expiriences  with music when there are no words for it. For me personally it's a huge gift, my biggest tressure, guidance and healing. After keeping my Demos locked up for my own pleassure, I finally showed them to outside world and their effect just multiplied. I am so thankful that my music is not only affecting me but also others. It makes me feel that it's so much bigger then me and that's  why I want to prensent this music to you. I hope you enjoy it and I wish you a wonderful time listing to it.





amo ergo sum is:


Christoph Schmidsberger



love - amo ergo sum

Music I like

  • Satsang
  • Nahko
  • SOJA
  • Gentleman
  • Bonobo
  • Emancipator
  • ...