23. February 2018
Today has been a big moment for amo ergo sum. It's been the first time someone else participated in the music. Thanks to the advice of a friend I found a wonderful flute and piccolo player in my own neighborhood. I was really amazed that she was very motivated from the first moment on. It all went very quick and a few days later we met in the studio to record some tracks. For me it's been the first time recording a flute, so I was a bit nervous about it. I decided to use two mics one quite...
21. February 2018
Looking forward to some great studio sessions this weekend =)
18. February 2018
Finally the amo ergo sum Website 1.0 is online. I hope you enjoy it.
15. February 2018
Welcome to the amo ergo sum blog. Amo ergo sum is instrumental music inspired by nature and the unconditional love. It's been a couple of years since I recorded my last stuff. Back in 2014 I played in a reggae band and after we broke up I took a little music-making-break. But the things I did like traveling and hiking inspired me a lot. So many wonderful things have happend that changed my life in so many beautiful ways. I found my way of translating wonderful moments to music I just love. Not...