Bright is the second Single from amo ergo sum's debut release "Vasudeva". The video was my first motion picture adventure. We filmed it during the summer in the austrian alps. Love - amo ergo sum _________________________________________________________ Pre-order "Vasudeva" EP now:

Amazon: __________________________________________________________ Filmed by: Jacqueline Flasch & Christoph Schmidsberger Edited by: Christoph Schmidsberger

Huge thanks to Stefan from the Guitar blog  for this nice Podcast & Interview. I hope you enjoy it. I really appreciate the support.

Amo ergo sum's first Single "Clouds" is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD via Bandcamp.  Just click on the link on the left side.

Love - amo ergo sum

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Amo ergo sum´s debut EP “Vasudeva” is an acoustic journey illuminating the progress of finding his own musical identity and a dream come true. Inspired by the harsh peaks that surround him his debut EP is as versatile as nature itself. After a year of producing, recording and mixing his first self-made release, he is now looking forward to sharing his music and love with the world.

Release date : 07/12/18

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